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Modern Legend

Modern Legend - The Feri Mosh Story

Imagine a design without compromise. Jewelry combining the most advanced jewelry manufacturing technology with the finest hand-built craftsmanship. Jewelry that changed the status quo in the fine designer jewelry world and set new standards of quality, refinement and craftsmanship. Imagine no longer. FERI MOSH 21 K prestige jewelry is the modernization of glamour and style of the old world elegance derived from the rich culture of the east and the contemporary styles of the west. FERI MOSH exquisite couture 21 K collection is simply "beauty in its purest form". FERI MOSH is the product of a complete creativity freedom. The design team start with a clean sheet of paper, and are driven by the challenge to conceive and build the best fine jewelry in the world.

Client: FeriTale Media

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Nora TV

“A show about everything and anything! A mishmash of comedy, life and interviews with a twist.” Nora TV is a collaboration project with the beautiful and talented Nora Torres.

Launch Date: July 11th, 2012

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FERI President

“This masterpiece was designed by the CEO hence its name: FERI President. Constructed in 19K GWT exclusive gold and high-tech ceramic, FERI President makes a statement of success. FERI President truly is one of the world’s best investments in fine watches, hand assembled, water resistant, scratch resistant with 19K black rhodium finish FERI logo and micro set high quality diamonds.”

Client: Global Wealth Trade Inc.

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Superfly Music Video

Forceful and charismatic rappers, performers and songwriters, Oddyssey is an up and coming Hip Hop trio charged with intense and versatile emotions. Their style is Caribbean infused and their performance and music is outstanding. “Super Fly” is their first Canadian single released by FeriTale Records.

Client: FeriTale Records

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One Minute Video

One Minute Video (OMV) provides private video messaging service between individuals using mobile devices and computers. OMV Technology comprises a developer-friendly service implementation framework to customize and deploy for professional use. OMV seeks to be distinguished by incorporating value added and required technologies for identified professions.

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Global Wealth Trade Corp.

Global Wealth Trade corp. is a Canadian Jewelry Company with its head office in Toronto, Canada. Global Wealth Trade is a company that is dedicated to delivering fine designer jewelry to end users at nearly wholesale prices. The company was started in 2005 by Ramin Mesgarlou and has since grown internationally. Their method of distribution helps promote small business concept to potential entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business. This system allows the entrepreneurs to expand their business globally and be able to monitor their sales and profits through their state-of-the-art sales tracking software.

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PZ Violin Lesson Video Archive

The Pinchas Zukerman Video Violin Lesson Archive is an online video lesson portal for violin students all over the world. The project originally started out as a research project conducted by Dr. Martin Brooks at the NRCC (National Research Council of Canada). It entailed conducting broadband lessons between the NAC (National Arts Center) conductor and master violist Pinchas Zukerman and students at MSM (Manhattan School of Music). The videos were categorized according to repertoire and techniques used throughout the lessons. The students were provided with an online player where they could review the lessons or search for specific pieces or techniques they wanted to improve on. We developed a player for online use and are further extended it to include learning tools previously unavailable to students. These tools consist of modules which will allow streaming a live broadcast session, recording of lessons as well as questions and video conferencing. The goal is to bring together talent from all over the world into a community of violin professionals to share knowledge and pass it on to the future master violinists.

“Pawel was my first choice for production of a large set of violin teaching videos featuring Maestro Pinchas Zukerman. This work included setup of complex video projects, audio mastering and implementation of a novel scheme for associating searchable metadata to portions of video and a web video streaming portal for students. The Pinchas Zukerman project required collaboration with many people, all of whom liked working with Pawel. He exhibits a strong desire to do excellent work that is recognized by everyone working with him.”

- Dr. Martin Brooks

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Milton Community Resource Centre

Milton Community Resource Centre (MCRC) is a Not–for-profit, multi-service organization that provides services to children and families of Milton and the surrounding communities. The creative and innovative leadership of MCRC with the Halton community will develop and deliver services to inspire and support children, their families and professionals.

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IDP Group Inc.

IDP Group Inc. is a respected, active and growing furniture installation and project management company in the Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto area. IDP Group (Installations, Deliveries, Plus) has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade mainly due to their professional work, conduct and attention to detail. Communication, organization and a commitment to deadlines are key to the company’s success, as is their habitual training of their entire staff and equipment.

“Beak Vision has provided us with an elegant website in a week and top notch service at a very reasonable price. We are thrilled to have found them and look to partner on many future projects.”

- Hamed Asl
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Telecollaborative Media

Telecollaborative Media Consulting is a team of Canada’s leading professionals who take e-learning to the next level. From classrooms to conference rooms, Telecollaborative Media Consulting Group has made an impact on how to put a human touch to long distance learning and business relations. Since the early 1990s, Telecollaborative Media has brought together and created communities, standards and best practices for video conferencing and collaboration. Through video conferencing and e-learning tools, Telecollaborative Media has created new teaching methodologies for schools all over the world.

“A valued member on two professional projects! In all instances, they are a pleasure to work with and provide creative, tasteful, and functional design solutions to some very unusual requirements. My hearty endorsement!”

- Michael Bussiere

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RP Natural Fitness

Ron Pierre is an all natural and drug-free body builder and a personal trainer. Ronny has won multiple awards in various body building competitions. He wanted a website where he could advertise his professional success in body building and advise his clients on their diets and workout schedules. The website has a backend where Ronny can manage his own photo gallery and easily upload pictures. Additionally, the website has alternative Flash content for users who do not have the Flash player installed.

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